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Eden Centre for Disabled Children (ECDC) is the first private organization established in Myanmar for children with physical and intellectual disabilities to provide necessaries basic services such as special education, rehabilitation and social care services. The main aim of ECDC is to help these children to access their fundamental human rights like education, basic rehabilitation and right to participation and enjoying childhood, etc. 

ECDC is not only service provision centre but also a resource centre. ECDC is trying to play a leading role in making disability related resources available as much as possible. ECDC can provide the following resources:

  • Disability related literature
  • Disability related skill and technique especially for physical and intellectual disabilities
  • Basic and Advance training related to disability
  • Teaching aids, assistive devices, mobility devices, facilities for training venue, etc.
  • Library
  • Learning centre
  • Disability related Information, facts and data
  • Others

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