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F. Other partner (Local and aboard)

Chunghua Christian Hospital (CCH), Taiwan (visit us for medical mission regularly)

Chunghua Christian Hospital from Taiwan regularly visit to ECDC for medical mission. They provide training and basic medical services for children with disabilities, their parents and also ECDC staffs yearly.

Through our partner from Taiwan, EDEN Social Welfare Foundation, physiotherapist from ECDC have attended further training at CCH as well.

Paung Ku, Yangon (http://paungkumyanmar.org)

Paung Ku also one of the local supporters for ECDC. Paung Ku also support financial grants regularly for some ECDC’s activities.

Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation, KBZ (https://www.kbzgroup.com.mm)

This local bank usually sponsors some of ECDC’s activities regularly, such as celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), Eden school closing, and other activities as well. ECDC always approach to them as needed. 

International Friendship Group (IFG)

During 2000s International Friendship Group (IFG) has been support ECDC for its material needs, for activities and for other program many time.

Korean Siloam Centre for the Blind

This organization has been donated rehabilitation equipment in 2017 for ECDC. 

There are many individual, group donors who support for the works of ECDC throughout the journey. We cannot mention all of these donor and friends name here but we really appreciate for their kind help and support, care and prayer. Without these supports, as a charity organization, we cannot be like what we are today.

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