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Build a better future for children with physical and intellectual disabilities

Let’s Rekindle the Fire of Life

Whether you’re an individual or a team you can help our clients reach their full potential and lead meaningful childhood and dignified lives.

We would like to invite all to be part of this charity work in Myanmar. Children with disabilities are one of the most marginalize group in Myanmar society as other part of the world. The country disability field is very far behind compare to our neighbor countries. Children with disabilities from rural and ethnic groups are most neglected group until today.

Ways to be part or you can contribute

About ECDC :      Established this charity organization in April 2000 by dedicated local people to provide early intervention, special education, rehabilitation, social care services and sport and social inclusion activities of children with physical and intellectual disabilities in Yangon, Myanmar. We always focus to help our clients to access their fundamental rights so that they can enjoy their childhood meaningfully and have dignified lives.   

How your donation can help our beneficiaries

  • 25,000 MMKs – will help buying teaching aids for all six class rooms for one-month expenses is covered.


  • 50,000 MMKs – will help one day snack and diet food supplement for all students who come to day care centre. (120 students per day)


  • 100,000 MMKs – will help 20 students to get school uniform for a year. (There are 230 students registered for 2019-20 academic year)


  • 300,000 MMKs – will cover the cost of electricity bill for all service provision rooms. (Average electric bill for the whole day care centre is around 600,000 MMKs per month)

How to contribute

  • Through our bank account
  • Direct / personal donation to office

To support the most vulnerable children with disabilities to access their fundamental human rights such as access to education, rehabilitation, social care services and other childhood rights like right to participate, express their emption and feeling, interact with peer children, etc. Your help and support can enrich the quality of lives of children with disabilities.

Sponsoring a child to access all the services available at our day care centre as needed is 45,000 MMKs per child per month.

You are warmly welcome to join with us. Please contact us at admin staff at (01-640399) to know more about this sponsor child support program.

As ECDC is a charity organization we always welcome volunteers especially who has experiences, skill to provide service, professions and kind heart people. Your contribution and participation will enrich the spirit of charity and will bring healing and freedom to our clients. You are warmly welcome, if you are skill worker or profession in specific field because those professions are very limited in the country, to volunteer through the following ways.

  • Skill-based Volunteer:
    • Professional / Skill worker
    • Making Documentary (Photo, film, etc.)
    • Arts and Handicraft
    • Therapist
  • Service-based Volunteer:
    • Class-room assistant
    • Attendance for children or parents
    • School activities

You all are warmly welcome.

ECDC has usually trying to develop small grants and find donor or sponsor to rum the organization smoothly as needed such as celebrating of international day of persons with disabilities, school closing ceremony, excursion program for children to experience social inclusion activities by the children, etc. If you can support any one of those events of ECDC it will be very appreciated. Please contact with us.  

The following activities, events are regularly organized by ECDC: –

  • Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD): This event was jointly organized by special schools from Yangon and conduct an event at Kandawgyi Park every year. Average 350 participants join this event and cost around 3,500,000 MMKs per event.


  • School closing and advocacy event: This event is conducted in last week of March every year at public place. Estimate cost according to the previous experiences is 2,500,000 MMKs per event.


  • Excursion trip for students per class room: There are six class rooms. Your contribution of 500,000 MMKS will help one day excursion trip to public area per class room, benefitting 30 children with disabilities, some parents, volunteers and staffs.


  • Camping for elder students: This camping program outside Yangon with 20 elder students and volunteer will cost 2,500,000 MMKs. 

Any kind of genuine support is welcome from Eden Centre.

  • Birthday donation: Donation in kind or in finance on birth day and special occasion

are welcome.

  • In kind donation: In terms of material we always need teaching aids, exercise

equipment for individual to rent such as small size wheel chair, special table and corner seat, etc., We are sharing all these things with other community service centre such as Dawei Day Care, Disability Development Initiative (DDI) at Kalay and Hakha Day Care centre and other as requested.

  • Providing training: Skill related, organization development related and other forms

of training which can build and/or motivate the staffs, students and parents are always welcome.            

  • Other support: Prayer support to enrich the quality of lives of children with

disabilities and service providers are warmly welcome.

 Let’s join our hands together to support those needy children.   


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