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A. Some of our previous partners who grant us for infrastructure and/or for project:

I. Foreign Embassies
  • Japanese Embassy grant financial support to ECDC for constructing the first one story RC building at current location in early 2001. This building was used as Day Care centre since it was constructed and it was the only building own by the organization at the beginning.
  • In 2008 Japan Embassy grant financial again for constructing training hall at ‘Centre for Disability in Development (CDD)’ at Hmawbi which is a branch training centre of ECDC. This training hall is using for training, not only by ECDC but also by other stakeholders as well. The facilities was make use also for the community event.
  • Australian Embassy grant financial support for the construction of two stories office building at ‘Centre for Disability in Development (CDD)’ at Hmawbi which is a branch training centre of ECDC in 2007.
  • Australian Embassy grant financial support as second time to ECDC for the construction of office room, which is an extension of current day care centre and also hydrotherapy pool under that office building in 2009.
  • Australian Embassy also give small grant through DAP program to ECDC as proposed by ECDC to buy hydrotherapy related equipment.
  • IN 2004 U Tha Uke, Managing Director, Eden Centre for Disabled Children (ECDC) was grant Chevening scholar to attend ‘Disability Studies’ post graduate master degree course at University of Leeds, United Kingdom. It is really a turning point for the organization. After the graduation of Tha Uke ECDC become the first organization who disseminate ‘Social Model of Disability’ in the country tirelessly in as many ways as possible.
  • British Embassy grant financial for the construction of two dormitories, male and female, at ‘Centre for Disability in Development (CDD)’ at Hmawbi which is a branch training centre of ECDC in 2007.
  • British Council support to construct the extension of second stories of existing day care centre at Insein in 2014 through ‘Amatae Core Project’ of ECDC.
  • German Embassy has provided financial grant for the extension of one class room at current day care centre at Insein in 2008. Because of this extension one class room was available and another 20 children with disabilities can accept by ECDC after that construction.
  • German Embassy grant financial support as second time to buy vehicle, Hilux pick up, to provide transportation of children with disabilities at Eden Day Care centre in 2009.
  • German Embassy grant financial support as third time to construct two stories office and class room building at 61 (A), War Oo 4th Street, Phawkan, Insein (opposite of existing day care centre of ECDC). Because of these new facilities one two class room are available for children and another 60 children with disabilities can admit as day care student. In up stair all admin, finance and Human resource staff with managing director office are accommodate at the building.
  • Italy Embassy has support ECDC in a very unique way. The ambassador has requested all friends to donate ECDC instead of giving flower and gift on Italy Independent day. We are very appreciated for their care and concern for the charity work.
  • Italy Embassy has sponsored four ECDC staffs to have an excursion trip to Italy through ‘Itlay-Myanmar Friendship Association’ in 2019.
  • Israel Embassy has sponsored two staffs from Eden Centre to attend one-month training at Israel for inclusive education.
  • In 2007, Managing Director of ECDC has sponsored to attend hydrotherapy at Israel for two weeks. After he return the first hydrotherapy pool and service was started at Eden Centre.
  • French Embassy has granted small financial grant to ECDC for two times. These projects are implemented at Yangon, Kalay and Hawei.


  • Finland Embassy has granted financial for the “Early Intervention for Children with Disabilities (EICD)“ project which is submitted by ECDC in 2016 for 18 months. The project target areas are seven townships from Yangon, Karen and Irrawaddy Regions. This is the first project implemented by ECDC related to Early Childhood Intervention to initiate real inclusion of children with disabilities in nursery school from various community, especially project target areas.
  • Canada Embassy has granted financial for the implementation of “Let’s promote human rights and inclusion of PWDs in Dawei community through reducing barriers in communities” project submitted by ECDC in 2019. This project is only for ten months and implemented at Kalay and Hawei townships.
II. Donor Agencies
  • ECDC has received small scale financial grant directly from European Union (EU) in 2012 and in 2014.
  • ECDC also receive financial grant from EU for the project which is jointly proposed with ‘Triangle GH’, an international NGO from French. The project was implemented for two years from 2012 to 2014.
  • ECDC has received ‘Amatae Core Project’ from British Council through Department for International Development (DFID), United Kingdom in 2014 to 2016, two years. This grant is very unique because it is only to build up the capacity and organization to become international level equipped Non-Government Organization. During this project period ECDC can review the organization related documents and also develop new policies and documents. We are very grateful for this kind of core funding.
  • ECDC has received financial grant from Open Society (Myanmar) in late 2018 for two years. This is the first time we receive grant from OSM. The project title is “Building inclusive Early Child Development Centre project” and it was implemented at different five townships from different five State and Regions, namely Hakha Township, Kalay Township, Insein Township, Pha-an Township and Dawei Township.
  • The first financial grant from LIFT was received by ECDC in late 2018 for the “Nothing about us without all of us: Promoting disability inclusive Chin society for sustainable development”, project submitted by the organization. The project target areas are six townships from Chin State, namely, Tedim, Falam, Hakha, Thantlang, Matupi and Mindat Townships of Chin State. There are 16 project staffs at the field.


III. International Non-Government Organizations (INGOs)
  • AAR, Japan has started foster parent program to support ECDC since August 2001 to today. After 2013 foster program was changed to support for general fund for the organization.
  • AAR, Japan also support ECDC to implement the first ‘Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)’ project at Hlaingtharyar for more than four years since 2007.
  • ECDC has signed agreement to collaborate for five years with ‘The Leprosy Mission International (TLMI)’ to disseminate Social Model of Disability and also promote disability awareness in the country. The project was started in early 2007 and terminate in 2011.
  • ECDC has developed proposal the rights to education of children with disabilities and it was grant financially by Welthungerhilfe (WHH) previously known as “German Agro Action (GAA)”. The project was last for two years and it was extended for every two years until 2017, total 11 years. Through this project ECDC is the first organization who implemented specific Inclusive Education (IE) project in the country continuously for more than ten years. During these years ECDC has a chance to conduct inclusive education related two research in 2015 and in 2017.
  • Our friend Ms. Barbara Mawson, Physiotherapist from New Zealand and her Church, Putarino Presbyterian Church has sponsored some children, five to four children per year, from ECDC since 20— . We are very thankful for their prayer, support and concern for the work of Eden Centre in Myanmar.
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