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About us

‘Eden Centre for Disabled Children (ECDC)’, non-profit charity organization, was established in April 2000 by dedicated local people to provide necessary basic services such as rehabilitation, education and social services for physical and intellectual children with disabilities in Yangon, Myanmar. Around 200 children with disabilities are receiving quality services at our Day Care centre at Phawkan, Insein Township, Yangon every year. More than 200 children with disabilities are supported to access mainstream education. ECDC is also reaching out many persons with disabilities through disability related projects around the country. ECDC is growing step by step within these two decades, direct service provision to children with disabilities, offering disability related trainings not only for service provision related skill training but also for disseminating social model of disability and actively engage in advocacy for inclusive policy changes in the country.

“Eden is a place where children with disabilities, their parents and friends can experience love, care, have confidence, express their emotion and feeling and get hope, confidence and meaning of lives. Visit us to experience and taste real inclusiveness.”

                                         There is no fear in love.
              LOVE is patient, love is kind, love is not self-seeking, love is not easily anger.
It keeps no record of wrongs. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it is not rude.
                                          We, ECDC, believe that -

                                “With LOVE all things are possible”

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ECDC has been sharing knowledge and experiences to those who has interested in providing care services for children with disabilities since it was conceived. Since 2017 ECDC start “Training Unit”, which is rolled out by Naw Heh Clay, well experienced in teaching special needs children at Eden Centre for more than a decade, and team. In training unit there are altogether three staffs but all senior service providers, professions are joining the training team as needed. Training team has developed various training modules to tailor the various needs and to meet the demands from the community.

ECDC ‘Training Team’ can empower your knowledge, skill and fire up your passion to serve children with disabilities in confident. Please contact us and we are ready to share what we have with you.

ECDC is start working at Hakha, Chin State since 2014. The first disability related project, Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID), was implemented at Thantlang and Hakha Township, Chin State through the financial grant from Kindermissionswerk, Germany. In March 2015 Chin government grant a piece of land at No. 580, U Htat Hlaing Road, Cawbuk Ward, Hakha, Chin State for ECDC to do disability work. The first two stories building for project office and day care centre was officially opened in April, 2019. Since then, ECDC Hakha was formed with friends of ECDC and community leaders. ECDC Hakha will try to play a leading role in Chin State to promote inclusion and mainstreaming of disability in the region.

  • Day Care Centre / Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Centre, Hakha.
  • Outreach Program
  • Inclusive Education Program
  • Other Programs
  • Networking and Collaboration

Opening Ceremony of Eden Centre for Disabled Children (ECDC), Hakha new office building.

H.E Pau Lun Min Thang, Social Minister and H.E Vui Kaw, Finance and Economic Minister, Chin State Government cutting ribbon for official opening of ECDC, Hakha New office building.

(11th May, 2019 – Saturday morning) 

New ECDC, Hakha office building. Thathlaing Street, Cawbuk Ward, Hakha, Chin State.

                                      H.E Pau Lun Min Thang, Social Minister, Chin State Government

Giving an opening speech during ECDC, Hakha new building opening.

Patron of ECDC, Hakha U Sunny Thang Cung, Attorney-General, Hakha, Chin Sate

saying a word of thanks during new building opening ceremony.

U Aye Min Nyunt, Director, Department of Social Welfare, Hakha, Chin State

Giving encouragement words during ECDC, Hakha new building opening.


ECDC has started Conductive Education (CE) program in 2018-19 academic year after learning this new technic from “Silver Lining Foundation (SLF)” our new partner from Quanzhi Province, China. At the beginning there are 12 students, two classes of CE program and this program was run by four service providers, namely two teachers, one physiotherapist and one social worker.  Social Worker is also work as team leader currently at ECDC.

Conductive Education (CE) is an educational system, based on the work of Hungarian Professor András Pető, that has been specifically developed for children and adults who have motor disorders of neurological origin such as cerebral palsy.

Uniqueness of Conductive Education

  • Currently focus for motor disorder, children with Cerebral Palsy (CP)
  • Holistic approach means not only focus the child but also focus to empower family members, especially main care givers,
  • Both child and parents are set free from inferiority complex, stereotypes, negative attitude, etc. and have confidence, increased self-esteem.
  • Multidisciplinary approach means team work of various professions such as teacher, therapist, social worker, nutritionist, child psychologist, etc.
  • Value individual life as equal as other human being,
  • Look for ability not for disability
  • Believe that every human being can live a dignify life including severe children with cerebral palsy (CP)
  • The whole session if fun, enriching and meaningful
  • Parent program is as equal as individual service intervention for each child
  • Evidence based, documented, research backup,
  • Have unique approach, training centre, course and global net work with regular seminar
  • Well recognize

                                          A class room of Conductive Education (–)

                                                         Experiencing Freedom

                                  I am soaring like eagle, who want to fly with me?

A piece of Eden

Who We are

1. Tha Uke, Managing Director
2. Ngun Di, Program Co-ordinator (Day Care)
3. Htay Aung, Program Co-ordinator (Outreach)
4. Heh Clay, Training Manager
5. Wah Wah Khu, Special Education Manager
6. Naw Zar Ni Saung, Rehabilitation Manager
7. San San Win, Team Leader of Conductive Education program
8. Ni Ni Thaw, Disabled Sport Officer
9. Ohnmar Khaing, Social Worker
10. Kuphlah, Administration Department Manager
11. Flora Ngun Tin Par, Finance Manager
12. Tha Hlei Sung, Progam Manager, (Chin CBR project)
13. Annie Zing, Program Director, (LIFT project)
14. Lay Lay Naing, Inclusive Education focal person
15. Biak Sung Ngun, Chaplin


News and Events (Join us)

  • Excursion trip to Italy
  • Participation in South Asia Disability meeting
  • Participation in Education learning trip with My-EQIP delegates to Australia
  • Exchange Program at Japan
  • Capacity Building Training for Therapist at Chunghua Christian Hospital, Taiwan
  • Medical care mission from Chunghua Christian Hospital
  • New Physiotherapist recruitment
  • New project orientation
  • Continuous learning program about Conductive Education
  • ECDC, Hakha New building opening ceremony
  • Ministry of education Stipend for children with disabilities


Please contact –

For Organization related info please contact -

Tha Uke, Managing Director (9421123831) Ngun Di, Program Coordinator (DC) (0933347277) and

Htay Aung, Program Coordinator (Outreach) (09768621494)


Finance Department

Daw Ngun Tin Par, Finance Manager (09795821920)

                Ester Van Tin Mawi, Assistant Finance Manager (09795821926)

Education Department

Naw Wah Wah Khu, Education Manager (09795598995 / 09448002926)

                Daw Than Than Maw, Assistant Education Manager (09420018950)

Disabled Sport

Daw Ni Ni Thaw, Disabled Sport Officer (0943030920 / 09795822480)

For admission of children with disabilities, volunteer, donation, appointment, etc. –

Kuplah, Admin Manager (0943071205)

Admin staffs at 09 4312 0885 or 01-640399 or through e-mail at [email protected]

Rehabilitation Department

Naw Zar Ni Saung, Rehabilitation Manager (09421069089)

                Naw Eh Zar Htoo, Assistant Rehabilitation Manager (0943031453)

Conductive Education Program

Daw San San Win, Team Leader / Social Worker (09250651447)

Social Work

Daw Ohnmar Khaing, Social Worker (09421116239)

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